SV Werder Bremen statement on Super League plans

SV Werder opposes the European Super League (photo: DFL).
First Team
Monday, 19.04.2021 / 21:34

SV Werder Bremen opposes the introduction of the so-called European Super League and greatly condemns the actions of those responsible. The SV Werder board has issued the following statement on behalf of the Green-Whites.

The announcement of a Super League is an affront, with twelve clubs choosing to abandon the shared journey of the European football community – a community in which their own roots lie and that made their economic success possible in the first place. These individual clubs want to mop up the benefits that this football community has made possible over decades.

Like the DFL and DFB, we stand behind all of the countermeasures proposed by FIFA and UEFA, as well as the affected national leagues and associations. Massive damage has already been done to football and that will only become worse with the implementation of the Super League.

SV Werder Bremen feels that their criticism of parts of the UEFA Champions League reforms adopted on Monday has been reinforced. They were already a step in the wrong direction and clearly weren’t a suitable compromise for these twelve European clubs. We explicitly opposed the German ECA clubs’ mutual positive stance on these reforms and submitted our disapproval in writing to the DFB. Werder Bremen will always campaign for transparent, sporting factors being the criteria behind European qualification rather than wildcards and seeding.

The club is delighted to see the proactive criticism from other clubs under our shared European umbrella, as well as from a wide range of fans, and is hopeful that the power of this united front can lead football back onto a path symbolised by togetherness.

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