Minister of the Interior allows Werder players to train in groups

Werder continue to comply with hygiene regulations
With the approval of the Bremen Senate, the Werder players can once again train in small groups (Photo: WERDER.DE).
First Team
Monday, 06.04.2020 / 16:23

SV Werder Bremen and the Minister of the Interior for Bremen Ulrich Mäurer have agreed that the Werder first team will be permitted to take part in group training. The Senator announced this on Monday afternoon. Therefore, the green-and-whites are now allowed to conduct training in small groups (4 people) outside.

“From a sporting point of view, this is a positive decision for us that the Minister of the Interior has made, and an important step considering the players have practiced almost exclusively at home for the past three weeks. This way, we can once again prepare the training for our team to the competition. However, we will continue to train without physical contact and comply with the distance regulations for our training exercises,” said Werder Bremen Sporting Director, Frank Baumann.

Those responsible at Werder will continue to pay careful attention to comply with all the hygiene requirements. These include hygienic hands, keeping a safe distance and making sure to cover coughs and runny noses. The players and the coaching team will not use the showers in the stadium, but will shower at home. In addition, the time spent in the dressing room will be kept to a minimum. The team doctors Dr. Daniel Hellermann and Dr. Christoph Engelke will also carry out screenings and examine all people involved in the training for symptoms of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

This training approval is valid until April 19th 2020.

An overview of the Senate's requirements

  1. SV Werder Bremen must proactively and repeatedly inform all those involved in training (incl. players, coaches and employees) about the preventative measures in place to prevent the spread of infection, such as hand washing, maintaining personal distance and coughing/sneezing hygiene. 
  2. Prior to every training session, SV Werder Bremen must subject all those involved in training to a preventative initial screening, to be undertaken by a (team) doctor who will maintain a written record of each person’s lack of symptoms. During the screening, potential symptoms of the SARS-CoV-2-Virus (especially fever, (dry) cough, shortness of breath) must be recorded, in addition to checking whether the individual in question has visited any high-risk areas as set out by the Robert Koch Institute. 
  3. The training sessions are only allowed to take place with small groups of four individuals maximum. 
  4. Group training sessions are only to take place outdoors. 
  5. The dressing room area shall only be used for the provision of training material. 
  6. All individuals must maintain a distance of at least 1.5m at all times. 
  7. The use of shower/wet areas is prohibited for all those involved in training.
  8. Unnecessary bodily contact must be avoided during the training sessions. 
  9. When multiple persons taking part in the training session are gathered together (i.e. for a team talk), each individual must stand at least 1.5m away from each other. 
  10.  SV Werder Bremen must ensure that only essential staff are present at the training grounds during the training sessions. 
  11.  SV Werder Bremen must ensure that meetings that are not essential to training (i.e. personal discussions before and after training) are avoided. 
  12.  All those involved in the training sessions must avoid contact with third-parties (particularly for autographs or pictures with fans) for a period of two hours both before and after each session, as well as within a 500 metre radius of the training ground. 
  13.  Neither SV Werder Bremen, nor anyone involved in the training sessions, is permitted to make public any of the training sessions. 
  14.  Any mass gatherings outside of the training ground are to be reported to the local authorities and the Bremen police. 
  15.  Security personnel must be deployed. A central contact person responsible for enforcing the security and regulatory provisions must be appointed.  
  16.  Given the ever-changing nature of the situation surrounding the SARS-CoV-2/Coronavirus pandemic, these requirements can be continuously adapted and/or extended. For these same reasons, the approval can also be revoked at any time. 
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