“A comeback isn’t far away”

An interview with Kevin Möhwald
Kevin Möhwald is on the right track (Photo: nordphoto).
Sunday, 29.03.2020 / 12:05

Kevin Möhwald has only played 73 minutes for SV Werder in the Bundesliga this season. The 26-year-old’s only appearance came on matchday two in Hoffenheim. The midfielder subsequently had to undergo a knee operation, which has left him out of action ever since. Möhwald is now getting closer to his return as he finishes the end of his rehabilitation programme in Donaustauf.

The midfielder spoke to WERDER.de about his rehab, life as a footballer in these difficult times and his tips for a night on the sofa.

WERDER.de: Moin, Möh! First things first, how are you?

Kevin Möhwald: “I’m good thank you. With regards to the coronavirus and my knee. I’m on the right track.”

WERDER.de: How far along your rehabilitation programme are you?

Kevin Möhwald: “I’m just about to begin proper football training. I’d say that I’ve completed about 70% of my rehabilitation programme so far. I’m currently in Donaustauf, which is where I’ll finish the programme. I’m not sure of how many more weeks I’ll be here for. I’ll only return to Bremen when I’m fit and ready to play again.”

WERDER.de: What are you concentrating on most right now?

Kevin Möhwald: “My current focus is on strengthening the muscle that stabilises my knee. The knee feels good apart from that. I’m confident that a comeback isn’t far away.”

WERDER.de: There is no Bundesliga football right now due to the coronavirus crisis. Could that mean that we might see you back on the pitch again this season?

Kevin Möhwald: “There’s definitely a greater chance now, but it’s not a certainty. We’ll have to see how the final stages of rehab go, but of course I have greater hopes of playing again this season now – that’s if the Bundesliga does actually finish 2019/20.”

WERDER.de: What does your daily routine look like at the moment?

Kevin Möhwald: “I’m busy with rehab from 8am until 4 or 5pm. That includes a number of different treatments, as well as two training sessions a day, which are very important for me right now. Apart from that, I spend a lot of time in my room, and I occasionally go for a walk if the weather is nice.”

Physiotherapy, training and Netflix

Kevin Möhwald's last appearance came on matchday two at Hoffenheim (Photo: nordphoto).

WERDER.de: What are things like down in Bavaria? They have stricter curfews than we do in Bremen for example.

Kevin Möhwald: “People are following the guidelines regarding social distancing and I think everybody is aware of how important the rules are in our current situation. I’ve seen the safety measures in place in supermarkets and there are no big gatherings of people, which is the same everywhere, so I don’t think there any huge differences.”

WERDER.de: You are known to be one of the players who enjoys nature. Is isolation getting you down?

Kevin Möhwald: “No, I’m still as positive as ever. It’s good to have the right people around you. I’m usually with my girlfriend, who is here with me, when I’m not doing rehab training, so things are okay.”

WERDER.de: While you and your girlfriend are in Donaustauf, your teammates are currently staying fit in Bremen. How are you staying in contact with them?

Kevin Möhwald: “We message each other a lot and I was on the phone to Flo the other day. Everything is on the phone right now, but that’s okay. It just means that I’m able to concentrate fully on training. It also means that I don’t have to watch the team go to training on the pitch, while I’m stuck in the gym.”

WERDER.de: Do you have any tips for fans who are staying at home?

Kevin Möhwald: “I’ve recently watched the latest season of Élite, which I would highly recommend, although you need to see the first two seasons to enjoy it. I’ve flicked through a lot of other things – it feels like I’ve almost watched everything on Netflix by now (laughs).”

WERDER.de: Fabian Nürnberger at your former club Nürnberg has tested positive for the coronavirus. Have you spoken to your former teammates and asked how they are dealing with the situation?

Kevin Möhwald: “Not really, because I don’t speak to many people at the club anymore. I am in regular contact with Tim Leibold, who left them to sign for Hamburg. I did recently chat to Georg Margreitter who is at FCN, but that was about a different topic. I think that in this current situation, it is important that footballers act as role models for everyone else and show how to behave in this crisis.”

It is important that footballers act as role models for everyone else and show how to behave in this crisis.
Kevin Möhwald

WERDER.de: Final question: We’ll face your former side in the ‘Bundesliga Home Challenge’ on Sunday. Maximilian Eggestein and Michael ‘MegaBit’ Bittner will be representing us. Do you have any tips for them?        

Kevin Möhwald: I don’t want to offend Maxi, but I don’t think our best player was available (laughs). I’m just joking. To be honest, I don’t play much FIFA. I played a lot more just after I was injured and was quite good then. I wouldn’t be very good right now, just like on the pitch! Good luck.”

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